Tech I Use: KeePassXC

For years, I’ve used LastPass, my decided to take a peek at options which enable me more control over my data, without having to give up functionality.

I ended up using KeePassXC it’s browser extension, and on my phone KeePass2Android (offline edition).

My password key file is synced on my person next cloud (link to where I talk about that), and that has worked wonderfully. On my phone I had to tell to make the key file available offline, but that was it.

Something which is really nice, which seems specific to the XC software that is compatible with the key pass database files, is support for time based auth, aka two-factor auth.

I’ve been bitten in the past about only having just my 2fa on only my phone, which locked me out of multiple important accounts, like my cloud server provider, took about a week to get customer service to resolve. So having a second file with the two factor info is nice, that I have it backed up off my phone, should anything happen to it.

I say 2 databases, I actually have 3, the third being for work stuff, since that feels like it should be separated. However, in XC having multiple databases open at once is no big deal. On my phone I don’t do work stuff, and have a dedicated auth app (andOTP).

On one occasion I had a file conflict due to editing on multiple devices within moments without thinking about it, but that was simple to accept my desktops version and redo the tiny change I made on my phone (an icon change).

Fun things to note, most of this was written on my phone, via the next cloud notes, which supports markdown, just like Jekyll, which is what this website uses. It’s nice, since I can set up basic styling before it’s part of the website.