So, hi, I'm Andrew, though online I'm more commonly known as DigitalAdapt.


My work life for the last decade has been building and managing web systems and their infrastructure. Over the years I’ve worked on lots of different systems, in a variety of languages. Some notable examples include a job board, a government website, a few content management systems, and a whole lot of ecommerce websites. Like many other people, I’ve been working remotely successfully for a few years now. But my transition to remote work actually started a few years before the pandemic, due to a move for my wife’s job.

A large chunk of the last few years has been public/civic work. I had a couple of years as a federal contractor working with NCEI, and more recently at the nonprofit Maplight. For both Maplight and BYO Recreation, I spent a lot of time modernizing historical code, and migrating operations into the cloud. A side effect of all the civic work I’ve done over the years has been a strong belief in being a good citizen. Which for me involves being part of the political process, and paying my taxes.


Outside of work, when I’m not taking care of my kids, or spending time with my wife, I enjoy crypto currencies. I think that part of the adoption is dependent on simplifying the taxes of crypto. Currently the taxes get complicated very quickly, mostly due to the fact that crypto currencies aren’t considered currencies at all, and they are being taxed with laws which were written before computers existed.

The first, and currently only, multi-chain decentralized exchange in crypto is ThorChain. Nothing existed to properly categorize the swapping or depositing of tokens for tax purposes, which is why I made Web3Tax, which is on GitHub. It’s powered by a handful of APIs, and my desire to not have to manually type in all of the thousands of crypto transactions. I’ve run across dozens of block chains that are currently not supported by any of the existing software. The code is open source, but is a little behind changes to some of the upstream API modifications, that I’ve not had time or energy to handle.

Along the way I fell down the rabbit hole of the Cosmos, which is a loosely affiliated collection of inter-compatible block chains, each having their own purpose. I ended up actually running validators on several of the chains, which is to say, that I came full circle to managing servers as part of my crypto hobby. In addition to building a web app for helping people with their crypto taxes. Previously I had been expanding Web3Tax’s abilities and added support for a couple of cosmos chains, with the intent of expanding to all the chains which don’t yet have tax support already, though thankfully tax reporting support is catching up.

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