I help raise my daughter and son. I take care for my wife. I also build websites.

Hello World, I’m starting to try to write some actual content.

List of local (Saint Augustine, FL) restraurents which have things like kids menus and changing tables (especially in mens bathrooms).

  • Mojo BBQ: has kids menu, has changing table in both mens and womans bathrooms.

So fair warning, stuff here is just the thoughts that bounce around my head. Take it all with a grain of salt, don’t quote me on any of it, and please bear in mind that it’s flow will likely be incoherent. Yay, I wrote some content… some of it is not complete trash.. but I think my next step will be to start making posts instead of having a giant stream of thoughts thrown into the homepage file.

So sorry for the rambling, and miss-spellings, I’m editing on vim, because I’m being lazy about setting up my PhpStorm to sync up to the server, using PhpStorm, despite this being Jekyll, which is a Ruby application, but that’s alright, since I’m just writing MarkDown or setup Ruby on my laptop, since running Jekyll on Windows doesn’t play that nicely with anything (really wish development on Windows was easier… eagerly awaiting my Mac).


this theme is a public bit-bucket, it needs to be mirrored on git-hub and added to the ruby gem mine list. Need to have the read-me include notes about how it’s using FontAwesome5, instead of 4, like the underlying html5up.net theme.. also, go checkout Html5Up because that stuff is awesome. Also, need to sort out how to automatically mirror from bitbucket to github.

notes to self

data clean up, all old code, needs to be made into git-repos and pushed to bitbucket.org. Tagging or whatever organization they offer will be very important.. Also need to decide how I’m going to handle the like 10 old versions of my website, can’t call them all the same thing.. as is, this code is in my second or third repo titled digitaladapt.

Cross posting

I really would love if I could write content once, have it go to my website, and facebook, and twitter, and mastodon (I’ve kinda been enjoying that, despite not knowing anyone on it).. maybe that is a terrible idea, most of my facebook friends are family and just want baby pictures..

Rant Topic Ideas

  • need a better term to use then “Rant”: every time I see the word “Rant”, my brain always goes straight to “Two, the Ranting Griffin”, and whenever I see someone ranting about privacy, part of me knows what they are saying may very well be valid, but it feels very “tin-foil-hat”.
  • libre speech: just read on reddit about diaspora, which is apparently filled with stuff too horrible to mention, all due to a lack of moderation.
  • delete account option, why is that so hard: Trying to prune the ancient junk out of my lastpass has made me realize how many websites don’t simply have a “please purge me from your system” option. It’s really frustrating. Like I still have a login, to a text-based online multi-player game from 10+ years ago, site still runs, but whomever used to maintain it, has long since moved on with their lives. But no “Delete Account” button. Why not, we are better then this programmers. Topic tie in: GDRP. #purging-old-sites.
  • email associated to your own domain, why you should do it now: If I ever stop liking my current email provider, I can swap them out, without changing my email address, because my email address is now based on my domain, and I can simply update my MX records to point where ever I want; and that is totally awesome.
  • privacy, only giving out as much inforation as you want; please stop making so many fields required: Fun fact, if a user doesn’t want to give you a piece of information, making it required isn’t going to change their minds.. it’s just going to make the user give you bad data. Do better, make it optional, explain why you need it, explain how it will be used, explain why it’s a good idea to give the correct answer, but don’t require it. Tie this in with my #purging-old-sites

Rant Topic Idea - “Freedom of Speech”

STOP: do not quote me on any of this, super rough alpha-level draft This absolutist notion of free speech, needs to go.. Star Wars reference “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”, any system which offers a capacity should be tempered with an even hand, rather then with absolution. Ad blocking is a nice example, I don’t really want to block all ads on the whole internet, but I do want to be able to read a news article without being burdened with excessive junk, wasting my bandwidth and time to give me ads that don’t even show up properly; that prevent site content from being seen.

I was thinking about the topic of freedom of speech and was appreciating that for some, it means to be completely libre, and say anything, without censorship of any variety, believing that in this absoluteness. This is the same kind of thought process that goes into the open source community, where you say, “I’m releasing this code to the wild, and anyone can do whatever they want with it”. And even from the coding perspective, terrible code can be a serious issue. Libraries which have security flaws due to bad programming causing many applications to be insecure, for one example.

The other perspective of all of this is to accept that, and what I think freedom of speech really and/or should be, is being part of the conversation. And that in order for us to have a tolerant society, the one thing which can never be tolerated is intolerance.

I doubt I’ve done a good job of trying to explain the notion that while I fully agree that people should be allowed to think their own thoughts and express themselves freely, that there is still a very clear line when your thoughts and words go to far, and become problematic. And while I love the open source community, I think us programmers are easily caught up in the technology and forget about the people.

Creating software which offers a “Free Speech Zone” may sound like a great idea, but I think we forget how else it might be used, such as giving Nazis and other terrorist organizations a platform to spread messages of hate, and plan acts of violence. And while having a censorship resistant system, I think as programmers we also need to have perspective on the other side of the coin, censoring hate-speech, and preventing things like abuse and harassment.

Makes me think of things like popup ads, someone wrote the script that made the first version work, and once the idea was out of the bag, there was no going back, because even if the code wasn’t out there, the idea was.. and I doubt many people, even advertisers, would be sad if that particular invention never came along.

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