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Currently I work for LivTech, which has a lot of moving parts, that all need to work very precisely. Billing, claim generation, and such.

Before that I worked at Maplight, for about a year now, first as a contractor, and then as a permanent employee. I written more details about each organization I’ve worked with over the years. But there are decidedly some trends. Migrating off of old servers has probably been the number one project that I keep getting tasked with; also retrofitting existing systems.

But there has been a lot more..


May 30, 2022
Managing the many moving parts that make up Voter’s Edge, migrating Maplight to a new server, and more.


Jun 1, 2021
Working on fixing bugs and implementing new features on the Marketing360 web application suite.

BYO Recreation

Jan 1, 2021
I've been working for BYO Recreation for nearly two years now.


Feb 6, 2019
Working on, I started working remotely, a few years before the pandemic.

Kimmel & Construction Jobs

Jan 1, 2019
Turning Back The Wheel of Time; a look back at other places I've worked, and the projects I worked on.