I started working for Maplight as a contractor in July 2021, and transitioned to being a permanent employee at the start of 2022. The two main projects that I’ve been working on are Voter’s Edge, and the migration off the old server.

Voter’s Edge

I’ve been managing the many moving parts that make up Voter’s Edge, which has been an interesting project. We worked to handle new edge-cases with new elections, and resolving the complexities of synchronizing data with partner’s external dataset.

Server Migration

A recurring theme that I’ve worked on across several organizations now is managing server migrations to get off an old physical server that is slowly starting to fail. In the case of Maplight, this has been the most complicated setup of massive, interconnected database schemas updated by a vast collection of undocumented scripts constantly generating and destroying dozens of temp tables, resulting in atomic changes so vast that it is beyond the limits of database replication…

Working on migrating a complex interconnected set of databases and projects from a physical server up into the cloud. Performing code reviews of development done by contractors. Working with both AWS and Azure, particularly Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFront on AWS. Meeting with stakeholders to discuss accomplishments and priorities.